The Bayside Community Legal Centre is proud to offer a pro bono mediation service to members of the public. The service is available to assist in disputes ranging from workplace, family law and commercial transactions.

The purpose of mediation is to provide litigants with an opportunity to achieve negotiated settlements and satisfactory resolution of disputes. This process provides a framework for disputes to be conducted as quickly, with as little formality and technicality as possible. It also improves access to justice at reduced cost and delay. All mediations are conducted on a confidential basis so that the privacy of the issues in dispute are maintained.

Whether parties attend on their own accord or by order of the Court, the mediator can assist the parties to achieve a satisfactory outcome to all parties. Where a satisfactory outcome is not achieved, the issues in dispute may result in the outstanding issues being determined by a Court.

The BCLS mediation service is fortunate to have a range of experienced and trained mediators on its panel. In addition, the BCLS has a number of mediation rooms at their current premises in which to conduct mediations. The availability of these rooms means that the BCLS can accommodate small or medium sized mediations, multiple parties and breakout rooms, if necessary.

For more information about our pro bono mediation service, please contact the BLCS.