Current Opportunities

Apply here for volunteer positions.


Our volunteer lawyers provide legal advice in a range of areas during our Monday night advice sessions. These sessions run from 6:30pm to 9pm. We can allocate you to a particular area of law if this is what you prefer, and book in clients with legal issues you feel comfortable with. We run a rotating roster with volunteer lawyers providing advice about every six weeks; however, this can be negotiated depending on your availability.

Volunteer Lawyers must have:

1. An unrestricted practising certificate; and

2. At least one year experience within the past three years in a position where they have provided legal advice.

Please note, if you do not meet the above criteria you will not be able to volunteer as a Solicitor at BCLS. To become a solicitor at BCLS there is an approval process. If you have any questions, please contact the Principal Solicitor.


We offer a facilitated co-meditation style of dispute resolution service. We team you up with another mediator to assist our clients with coming to a resolution about their issue. We mediate small civil matters, separations involving property, and separations involving children. We also have FDRP accredited mediators as well as certified mediators.


Our volunteer students assist us with a range of tasks vital to keep our service running on a day-to-day basis. As a volunteer student you can expect to assist with research, casework, administrative duties, welcoming clients and conducting client intakes. We offer a diverse range of experience no matter where you are in your studies. We have a roster and can negotiate times depending on your availability.

Please note that we do receive a large volume of applications. You will only be contacted if you meet the above criteria and we have positions open.