About Us

The Bayside Community Legal Service Inc. is a not-for-profit, nationally accredited Community Legal Centre. We have been helping people who live and work in the Bayside community with free legal advice and assistance since 1992.

BCLS provide information and assistance to all clients in areas of law that:

  • help manage or resolve financial stress;
  • assert individual rights;
  • seek entitlements;
  • protect against, inform and educate against family and domestic violence and abuse,

by educating and guiding those clients skilled enough to self represent, but to also identify and provide representative help for those clients who are unable to advocate for themselves.

The BCLS is an incorporated association under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 Qld.  BCLS is a charity registered with ACNC.

BCLS is overseen by a Management Committee. Our Committee are responsible for the proper management and operation of the legal service in accordance with its Constitution, its policies and procedures, any funding agreements and any legislation governing law practices and charities. Our day to day functioning is overseen by our Principal Lawyer and Coordinator.

Any person can be a member of the BCLS and any member can seek a position on the BCLS Committee.  You do not need to be a lawyer to be a member of BCLS, nor do you need to be a lawyer to hold a position on the Committee.  Diversity in our Committee is encouraged.

A large portion of our clients when they contact BCLS are experiencing or are at risk of immediate financial disadvantage and/or violence and abuse, so we tailor our services accordingly, giving priority to our most vulnerable clients.

We provide legal advice and assistance to people with family, civil and criminal legal problems and questions; we arrange free mediation services to help resolve legal problems quickly, and we provide information and education to the community, aimed to inform and empower people to help themselves with their legal problems, where possible.

The value of a general legal service like BCLS, is that a client can address any number of legal matters in the one trusted environment.

If we cannot help a client, then we can refer them on to an organisation or other community legal centre that can help.



President                      Leeha James
Vice President             Brittany White
Treasurer                     Paul Coves
Secretary                      Amanda Reardon
Member                       Tony Ralph
Member                       Kate Fuller
Member                       Natalia Wuth
Member                       Rod Murray
Member                       Karyn Mauerhan

BCLS Principal Lawyer is Leeha James


Lawyer                         Clare Jobson
Coordinator                Damien Owens


BLCS is supported by 20 volunteer Lawyers, 22 Mediators and 9 law students.