Your Rights

Charter of Client Rights and Responsibilities

You have a right:

  • To be treated in a respectful, non-judgemental and non-discriminatory way
  • To received appropriate, thorough and well research advice and/or referrals to other agencies
  • To understand our guidelines for providing legal services, which we will discuss and explain on request
  • To be treated with honesty, respect, dignity and regard for your privacy and confidentiality
  • To bring a support person when you attend this service
  • To an interpreter, if needed
  • For your information to be treated confidentially and at all times
  • To voice a concern or make a complaint

You have a responsibility:

  • To treat staff, volunteers and other service users with respect at all times
  • To not act in a rude, aggressive or abusive manner towards staff, volunteers or other service users
  • To understand you are receiving a free legal advice appointment and that ongoing work/casework is resource intensive and is therefore available only in limited circumstances
  • To supply correct information about yourself and your situation so that staff fully understand what is happening and can assess how to best assist you
  • To participate actively with staff to resolve issues together
  • To act in a way that doesn’t put yourself or any other person at risk, or compromise any other person’s safety
  • To arrive at your appointment on time
  • To inform the Centre if you cannot make your appointment and reschedule if necessary