Duty Lawyer Services now to be done by telephone

Due to the COVID-19 the Magistrates Courts are working towards ensuring that as few personal appearances as possible occur. Many of the Magistrates Courts are now operating by telephone or in writing.

Queensland Courts have advised that all courts are implementing social distancing measures which includes limiting the number of people permitted into a courtroom at any one time. Those who are not directly participating in court proceedings have been asked to consider whether it is necessary to attend a court location.

A recent practice direction has outlined that all duty lawyer services are to be delivered without any face to face contact with duty lawyer clients. Telephone and video-link alternatives will be adopted where possible in duty lawyer services in the Magistrates Courts. This applies to criminal law, domestic and family violence and child protection matters. Therefore, any person wanting legal assistance from a duty lawyer will still be able to obtain advice via telephone/video link where available.

Disclaimer: BCLS does not accept responsibility for any damages or otherwise suffered by relying or acting on this information.